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      John Whitehurst


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      John has directed more than 200 political campaigns over the last 25 years. He has one of the best win records in California, guiding candidates and ballot measures to victory throughout the state.

      John has helped hospitals, schools, colleges and transportation systems secure billions of dollars in public finance measures at the ballot. He has managed successful independent expenditure campaigns for labor and business interests and led groundbreaking candidate campaigns.

      John has helped candidates win at every level of government, including Santa Clara Supervisor Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor Catherine Stefanie, former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., former State Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, California Governor Jerry Brown and former State Senators Mark Leno and Noreen Evans. Prior to co-founding Whitehurst/Mosher, John started Whitehurst Campaigns and worked at Clinton Reilly Campaigns. His first professional political campaign was Gary Hart for President in 1984 where he learned to organize in Iowa, Pennsylvania and California.

      John holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from American University. John loves all things Italian — from traveling to Italy to enjoying Italian food and wine. Currently, he is learning how to play the guitar.

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        More than two decades of winning campaigns


        Our partners and staff bring more than 250 winning campaigns of election experience to your campaign. This extensive experience at the state and local level helps us build personalized strategies that create a clear path to victory.

        We take a unique approach with every client, allowing us to effectively tell their stories in a compelling way that influences voters and wins at the ballot box. We don’t want to change you; we want to highlight your vision and hone in on your strengths. We know that the most effective campaigns are ones that find the right way to connect a campaign message with a winnable voter target and communicate it in an compelling way.

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        Our commitment
        to every campaign

        We don’t work in bulk and we don’t do off-the-shelf. Instead, we take on a few campaigns that we care about and dedicate the time it takes to win. The principals in our firm work directly with our clients on a regular basis, meaning you will have senior expertise directly involved in all aspects of your campaign – which translates into unmatched value and accountability. Unlike other firms that are primarily direct mail companies, we have many strategic tools in the toolbox and have proven expertise with each. This ensures you get the highly customized campaign you need to win.


        Our core values

        Personal Attention


        At BMWL Campaigns, each campaign is deserving of the personal attention of our partners and dedicated staff. We are selective about the clients we take to ensure our principals and senior staff members have time to do the work ourselves. For these reasons, BMWL is able to consistently deliver results, value and accountability.



        We are a data-driven firm and believe that research and analytics should shape our messaging and decision-making. BMWL is unique among its competitors, distinguished by the quality of our ad creation, placement and analysis on digital platforms. We don’t just report numbers, we provide insight and context to inform our next steps.

        Individualized Strategy


        The key to helping you win is personal; there are no cookie-cutter campaigns. Each campaign plan is research-driven, experience-based, and tailored to your individual environment and circumstances. We work with you to elicit the most compelling elements of your story and the most effective strategies for YOU.

        High Impact Media


        We produce high-impact media that breaks through the clutter and tells your story. From television to mail to digital advertising, we use eye-catching graphics and concise and attention-getting text. We find agreement with the voters and tell them a compelling story and reason to vote for you.

        Our Team


        Jill Nelson Golub


        John Whitehurst

        Co-founder & Principal

        Mark Mosher

        Principal & Creative Director

        Malia Aiavao

        Senior Associate

        Brad Witherspoon

        Finance Manager

        Lisa Hanson

        Vice President of Media

        Camryn McNab


        Anthony Orozco


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        Our team is ready to win for you.

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        Alison Wagner

        Project Coordinator